DIGITAL 2019 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

The Digital Vietnam Report 2019 provides objective data and analysis on the development of Vietnam's online advertising market over the past year. Read the article below for detailed information about digital in Vietnam in 2019.

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The Digital Vietnam Report 2019 released by WeAreSocial provides objective data and analysis on the development of Vietnam's online advertising market over the past year. This article will analyze in detail and comment about the data and the Vietnam Digital market situation according to the research results issued by We are social in 2019. 

Global Overview


As of Jan 2019, the world population is 7.676 billion people, with an urban population rate of 56%. More than 4.38 billion people have Internet access, 5.11 billion mobile users. The number of people using social networks is 3.4 billion. 

Vietnam Overview


In Vietnam, according to data, in January 2019, the population reached 96.96 million people, an increase of 1.0% (about 953 thousand people) compared to the beginning of 2018.  The number of mobile subscriptions is up to 143.3 million users, accounting for 148% of the country's population. Mobile subscriptions increased by 2.4% (increasing by 3 million users) in January 2019 compared to the same period in 2018. Internet users were flat from the previous year, with 64 million users across the country.


97% of the population of Vietnam owns a mobile device, with 72% smartphones, 43% own a laptop, 13% owning a tablet. 


On average, Vietnamese users spend 6 hours 52 minutes on the internet ranked 15th in the world according to the ranking of countries with the number of people spending time online. The study also mentioned that Vietnamese users spend 2 hours 37 minutes using social networks, 2 hours 43m to watch online streams or videos, and 1 hour 21 minutes to listen to music online.

Internet Use


Digital report data shows that total internet active users reach 64 million people, accounting for 66% of Vietnam. In the meantime, there are 62.40 million internet users with mobile devices, accounting for 64% of the population. Users' online activities revolve around watching videos, games, and chatting online.


94% of Vietnamese people use the internet daily, and once a week accounts for the remaining 6%. Internet connection speeds are still growing every year. Specifically, according to the report, the average internet access speed in phones is 21.56 MBPS (up 6.1% compared to last year) and in computers is 27.18 MBPS (up 9.7%).


Social Media Use


The number of social media users has accounted for more than half of the population (64%) and is becoming the communication method of most businesses today. In the meantime, 58 million social users use mobile devices. Nearly 100% of social users' activity is sending messages.

There are 55 million Facebook users in Vietnam, an increase of 20% over the same period last year, and most people log into the platform via mobile phone (accounting for 91%). So businesses should have a new strategy on social networks that can adapt to mobile.

Mobile Use


There are 143.3 million mobile connections in Vietnam, accounting for 148% of the total population. Pre-paid subscribers account for 88%, while postpaid subscribers account for 12%.


Regarding mobile activities, looking at the data, we can see main mobile activities are for messengers (91%), 95% for watching videos on mobile, 84% internet users playing games on mobile, 50% internet users using mobile banking, and 80% using their mobile using map services.



Popular activities of Vietnamese users related to e-commerce include: searching for products or services online accounted for 87%; visiting online retail stores accounted for 87%; shopping for products/ online services accounted for 77%. In the meantime, shopping through mobile devices accounts for 62%, 38% of users shop through personal computers.

The largest e-commerce spending categories was fashion and beauty with $558.0 million, electronics and physical media account for $610.0 million, food and personal care account for $348.0 million, furniture account for $399.0 million, toys and hobbies account for $354.0 million, travel with $3.491 billion (highest in the consumer category), $21.0 million for electronic music and $75.00 million for online games. Food and personal care had the highest growth rate of 38% in 2019; the lowest was electronic music with a growth rate of 7.6% in 2019 compared to the same period in 2018.


The Digital 2019 report shows that demand for Food & Personal Care products is rising (+38%). Consumers are ready to spend on many popular categories with high purchase value on e-commerce platforms, including food and personal care, toys and home tools, fashion and beauty, electronics media, furniture, online games, and music. According to the data report on e-commerce activities, up to 87% of people surveyed search online for products or services to buy, and 77% purchase online. In the meantime, 38% of people surveyed made an online purchase via a laptop, while up to 62% made an online purchase via mobile devices. 


This means businesses that want to win on e-commerce must pay more attention to mobile-friendly websites and building apps. Hence, customers get the best possible mobile experience when searching and comparing products. 


Mobile payments have been gradually popularized and become a new trend worldwide, not an exception in Vietnam. In the final report, the data show that most people use e-wallets, contactless payments via cards and smartphones, and payment by QR codes all increased. 50% of people surveyed are using mobile banking, and 39% make mobile payments. 62% of mobile users purchase items online using a mobile phone, and 9.3% own some form of cryptocurrency.

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