DIGITAL 2016 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

Digital 2016: Vietnam brings detailed information about the change in customers' behaviors and internet users in Vietnam. The report also reveals a lot of interesting information about social media users, the development of eCommerce, and more.

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Digital Report in Vietnam 2016, published by WeAreSocial, brings detailed information about customers' behaviors and internet users in Vietnam. The number of Internet users in Vietnam reached 47.30 million people.

The rapid and remarkable growth is attributed to the development of technology, and smartphones with affordable prices affect how people communicate and enjoy their lives. The report also reveals much exciting information about social media users, the development of eCommerce, and more.

Global Overview


As of Jan 2016, the world population reached 7.395 billion people, with an urban population rate of 54%. More than 3.419 billion people use the internet (with a penetration rate of 59%). The number of active internet users gained a growth rate of 10%, with approximately 332 million people since Jan 2015. Besides, there are 3.790 billion people who own and use mobile devices. 


Besides, the number of people using social networks globally reached 2.307 billion, increasing 219 million people (2%) since January 2015 (growth rates of 10%). The rate of global internet users growth rate is increasing rapidly, and this number is predicted to increase strongly in the following years to 2020.

Vietnam Overview


Vietnam's total population in 2016 reached 93.95 million people, with the urban population rate accounting for 34%, with an increase of 987.8 thousand people (equivalent to an increase of 1.08% compared to 2015). With a total population of around 94 million people, more than 47 million internet users had a penetration of 50% in 2016. In 2016, 35 million active social media users, with a penetration of 37%, accounting for 37% of the total population.

There were around 143 million mobile connections in Vietnam in 2016, accounting for 152% of the total population. Although with the high mobile connection rate, there are just 29 million active mobile social users, a penetration of 31% in 2016.

The data also show the percentage of the adult population that owns each digital device in 2016. 93% of the adult population in Vietnam own any mobile phone, and 55% of people surveyed own a smartphone in 2016. This number is higher than people who have a laptop or desktop computer, accounting for 46% of the total population. Besides, there are 12% for tablet devices, 2% own Tv streaming devices in Vietnam in 2016.


On average, Vietnamese people spend 4 hours and 39 minutes using the internet via a PC or tablet daily, 2 hours and 25 minutes using the internet by mobile phone. Inside, they spend more than 2 hours daily using social media on any device, which is higher than watching television daily. 

Internet Use


The Digital report in Vietnam 2016 also gives us some interesting information about internet use. There were 47.4 million active internet users in Vietnam in 2016, accounting for 50% of the total population. Insides, 39.7 million users are accessing the internet via mobile devices. We can see that smartphones have become a priority device for internet use, accounting for a larger share of internet users than other devices such as PCs or laptops, etc. The percentage of mobile internet users accounts for 42% of the total population, and the last 8% uses other devices to access the internet in 2016.


The demand for internet usage tends to increase strongly with 75% internet users online daily, just 18% people use the internet at least once per week, and just a small number of internet users use the internet at least once a month, accounting for 2%, and 1% of the total internet users use the internet less than once a month.

Social Media Use


There are 35 million active social media users out of the total of 97 million, accounting for 37% of the total population. 31% of social media users access via mobile devices. The top social platforms are Facebook, Zalo, FB Messenger, Google+, Skype, Viber, Line, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp. From the data, we can conclude that chatting and messaging are still the hottest apps at this time in Vietnam. People use social media mainly for connecting and communicating with each other rather than to reach news or working activities. 

Mobile Use


The number of mobile users and connections in Vietnam in 2016 is also growing significantly. There are nearly 60 million unique mobile users, accounting for 63% of the total population, and the number of mobile connections was 143 million people, accounting for 152% of the total population. Besides, 26% of mobile subscriptions are broadband (3G and 4G). Vietnamese mobile users' activities include: 34% sending messages, 29% for watching the video, 23% for playing games, 19% for using mobile banking, and 28% for using mobile map services. 



The report came to an end with the e-commerce numbers as well as activities in Vietnam 2016. 37% of people surveyed purchased products or services online a month, 45% searched online before deciding to buy something, 33% visited online retail stores. Inside, 32% make an online purchase by their laptop or PC, while 23% of e-commerce users buy online via mobile devices. 


The above information and analysis are just the subjectivity of the writer based on the Digital Report in Vietnam 2016 of WeAreSocial. We hope this short overview can bring you some valuable data that is useful for you to have the best overview of Digital Marketing in Vietnam in 2016.

To read the entire Digital Report 2016 in Vietnam, please view the full report here. Don't hesitate to contact us directly or by email for more details about the Vietnam market’s information.