End to end Data-driven Digital Marketing

Using analytics to craft targeted, personalized campaigns, guiding each step from strategy to execution. Ensuring maximum impact, efficiency, and alignment with your business goals, driving measurable success and delivering significant results.

  • Holistic Approach

    Manages all aspects of digital marketing to ensure consistency and alignment with business goals.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Optimizes marketing efforts based on data, leading to higher ROI and better resource allocation.

  • Personalized Marketing

    Creates targeted campaigns that resonate with specific audience segments.

  • Informed Decision Making

    Utilizes data-driven insights to make strategic marketing decisions.

  • Scalability

    Allows for scalable marketing solutions that can grow with the business.

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12 Key Features of IRIS's End to end Data-driven Digital Marketing

End-to-end data-driven digital marketing encompasses a comprehensive set of components, each designed to optimize various stages of the marketing process. From initial market research and strategy development to content creation, campaign execution, and performance analysis, this approach ensures that marketing efforts are precise, efficient, and aligned with business goals. By leveraging data and analytics, businesses can enhance targeting, improve efficiency, and achieve better results in their digital marketing campaigns.

Market Research and Analysis Strategy Development Social Media Marketing Campaign Execution
  • Data Collection: Gathering data from web analytics, social media, customer feedback, market research tools, and other sources.
  • Audience Insights: Analyzing demographics, behaviors, and preferences of your target audience.
  • Competitor Analysis: Studying competitors' strategies, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Goal Setting: Defining clear, measurable objectives based on data insights (e.g., brand awareness, lead generation, sales).
  • Target Audience Segmentation: Using data to segment the audience into distinct groups for personalized marketing.
  • Channel Selection: Identifying the most effective digital channels (e.g., social media, email, search engines).
  • Social Creative Content: Developing innovative content ideas and campaign concepts.
  • Platform Management: Managing social media profiles and content across various platforms.
  • Engagement: Interacting with followers and managing community engagement.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Implementing integrated campaigns across multiple digital channels for consistent messaging.
  • Automated Workflows: Using marketing automation tools to streamline campaign execution and management.
  • Email Marketing: Designing and sending targeted email campaigns to nurture leads and engage customers.
Paid Advertising Search Engine Marketing Website, Campaign site & Landing page development Brand Reputation Management
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising: Running ads on platforms like Google Ads and social media.
  • Retargeting: Using retargeting strategies to re-engage visitors who have interacted with your site.
  • Display Advertising: Placing banner ads on relevant websites to increase brand visibility.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Optimizing content for search engines to improve organic visibility.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Running targeted paid search campaigns.
  • Website development: Centralized Information Hub, a website serves as a central hub for all information about your products, services, and company news.
  • Campaign site: a specialized, standalone website or a dedicated section of an existing website created to support a specific marketing campaign or promotional effort.
  • Landing page: Landing pages are designed with specific goals in mind, such as capturing leads, driving sales, or promoting a particular product.
  • Public Relations: Building and maintaining a positive image that fosters trust and credibility with the public.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Partnering with influencers to reach a broader audience.
  • Social Listening: Monitoring social media channels for brand mentions and feedback.
  • Reputation Management: Managing and improving the brand’s online reputation.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) E-commerce Optimization KPIs and Budget Management
  • Lead Tracking: Monitoring and managing leads through the sales funnel.
  • Customer Segmentation: Segmenting customers based on behavior, purchase history, and other criteria.
  • Personalized Communication: Sending personalized messages and offers based on customer data.
  • Personalized Content: Creating tailored content for each audience segment driven by data insights.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Improving landing pages to increase conversions.
  • User Experience (UX) Testing: Conducting tests to improve website usability and user experience.
  • A/B Testing: Testing different versions of content and ads to determine the most effective approach.
  • Product Listing Optimization: Improving product listings on e-commerce platforms.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Analyzing the customer journey to optimize the purchasing process.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitoring campaign performance in real-time using analytics tools.
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): Tracking metrics such as engagement, conversion rates, ROI, and more.
  • Resource Allocation: Allocating budget across various channels and campaigns for optimal ROI.
  • Financial Reporting: Tracking and reporting on marketing spend and financial performance.


  • Gathering & Analysing data

  • Audience insight & segmentation

  • Strategy development & Innovation

  • Marketing platform selection & solutions integration

  • Cross digital media channel attribution

  • Cross channel reporting & insights

  • KPI development & measurement planning

  • Account-Based Marketing

Why choose us?

Our comprehensive working process ensures that every aspect of your digital marketing strategy is meticulously planned, executed, and optimized. From initial consultation and strategy development to content creation, campaign execution, and performance analysis, we work closely with you to create data-driven marketing solutions that resonate with your audience and achieve your business goals.

  • Data-Driven Strategies

    We leverage advanced analytics and market research to develop strategies that are tailored to your business objectives and target audience, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

  • Creative Excellence

    We generate fresh and creative ideas that make your brand stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Our team of skilled designers, videographers, and writers craft visually stunning and engaging content that captures attention and promotes your brand effectively.

  • Holistic Integrated Marketing Approach

    Our end-to-end approach ensures that all aspects of your digital marketing strategy are aligned and working together seamlessly.

  • Custom Tailoring

    We provide personalized services that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and goals of your business

  • Professional Expertise

    Our team comprises industry experts with extensive experience in digital marketing, ensuring your campaigns are handled by professionals who understand the nuances of different platforms.

  • Dedicated Support

    We offer continuous support and are always available to address your questions, provide updates, and make necessary adjustments to your campaigns.

  • Long-Term Growth

    We focus on sustainable strategies that foster long-term growth and success for your brand.

  • Cost Efficiency

    We ensure that your marketing budget is used efficiently, focusing on high-impact strategies that deliver the best ROI.

  • Client-Centric

    We prioritize our clients' needs and work closely with you to understand your vision and goals, ensuring our strategies align with your expectations.


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