DIGITAL 2015 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

The Vietnam Digital 2015 report published by WeAreSocial provides an overview of Digital Vietnam with a lot of useful information. The following article will review the changes of Vietnamese digital in 2015.

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The Digital Report 2015: Vietnam published by WeAreSocial provides an overview of Digital Vietnam with a lot of useful information about internet users, mobile subscriptions, social network users, and the development of eCommerce in the past year... The following article will analyze the Digital Transformation in Vietnam in 2015 based on We Are Social's Digital Report.

Global Overview


In 2015, the world population reached 7.21 billion people (an increase of 115 million people,  accounting for 1.6% from January 2014). There are more than 3 billion Internet users (with a penetration of 42%, an increase of 525 million users, with a growth rate of 21% compared to Jan 2014). There are more than 2 billion active social users all over the world, with an increase of 222 million users, a growth rate of 12% compared to the last years. Nearly 3.65 billion people (accounting for 51% of the world's total population) use mobile, this number has an increase of 5% (or with an increase of 185 million mobile users) compared to Jan 2014.

Vietnam Overview


In Vietnam, the total population reached 90.7 million people, 31% of the urbanization rate. There are 39.8 million internet users in Vietnam, accounting for 44% of the total population, with an increase of 10% compared to Jan 2014. The social media users in Vietnam 2015 have increased significantly with a growth rate accounting for 40% compared to Jan 2014, reaching 28 million active social users, accounting for 31% of the total population. There are 128.3 million mobile connections over the country, equivalent to 141% of the total population. The data also show that there is strong growth in the number of active mobile social accounts with an increase of 41% compared to Jan 2014.


The report also shows that in 2015, on average, Vietnamese spend 5 hours and 10 minutes daily using the internet via their PC or tablet, and 2 hours 41 minutes accessing the internet by mobile phones. Besides, social media users spend 3 hours 04 minutes daily on any device and 1 hour 48 minutes watching TV. 

Internet Use


The report shows that as of January 2015, the number of active internet users is 39.8 million people, accounting for 44% of the total population. Including 32.4 million mobile internet users, accounting for 36% of the total population. 76% of internet users accessing web browsers via laptops & desktops, 20% via mobile phones, and just only 4% via tablet.

Social Media Use

digital-2015-vietnam-5There are 28 million people in Vietnam using social media networks, accounting for 31% of the total population. The number of social accounts accessed via mobile is 24 million, accounting for 26% of the total population, while the total number of mobile connections (one person owns many devices) is 141% of the total population, equivalent to 128.3 million mobile users. The Digital report shows that Facebook is the most used social network by Vietnamese people. And following are FB Messenger, Google+, Skype, Viber, Twitter… 

Mobile Use


There are more than 128 million mobile subscriptions, equivalent to 141% of the total population, including 26% of the accounts that have 3G, 4G network connections. 


Mobile activities from mobile devices include: using social media lead with 24%, watching video higher than the same period last year in 2014 (22%), playing games 16%, location mobile search 16%, and mobile banking 14%.


In conclusion, the Digital Report of WeareSocial not only brings an overview of how digital transformation affects many aspects of customer persona but also helps us to have an objective view of Internet usage trends in Vietnam and open up opportunities for marketers and entrepreneurs in Vietnam. 

Please contact us if you need more useful information about Digital Report in Vietnam. We will update the latest information in our next articles. Download Full Digital 2015: Vietnam at the link above.