Digital Strategy

Conducting thorough research to understand the market, competitors, and target audience. Developing data-driven digital marketing strategies based on insights from market research and data analysis.

  • The right audience & message

    Through data analysis, we propose the right insight and targeting for campaign.

  • The right digital strategy

    We create detailed strategy to meet business objective.

  • The right digital channel

    We propose the right digital channels and integrate them to distribute the content of the campaign.

  • The innovation KPIs & measurement

    We propose the innovation KPIs and step by step to measure campaign effectiveness.

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What is digital strategy via data-driven marketing model?

What is digital strategy via data-driven marketing model?

  • Firstly, everything of work based on data insight. Data is the main key point of strategy development and business growth, data gives insight into the development process. It’s not based on emotional or opinion.
  • A digital strategy is the who, what, when, and where of listening and responding to consumers, bridging brand experiences, iterating offerings, and collecting and activating consumer relationships in order to accomplish an actionable and measurable objective.
Why digital strategy is so important? And why do you need?

Why digital strategy is so important? And why do you need?

  • The rise of Data: the right strategy based on data insight will help improve business decision making.
  • Consumer insight and understanding: the right strategy will help improve customer experience and engagement
  • ROI-return on investment: the right strategy will help marketing campaign increases efficiency.
  • Innovation and transformation: digital-first business is a top of mind, the main takeaway of going digital is, if you’re not online, it’s like you don’t exist. 
Why digital strategy is so important? And why do you need?

How do we develop a digital strategy and integrated digital campaign?

  • Define the brief

  • Research and analysis

  • Planning

  • Reach

  • Act

  • Convert

  • Engage

  • Account Management and report

What do we propose an integrated digital strategy?

The Idea Charter

The Campaign Plan

The Digital Footprint

  • The Name: A pithy name that captures the essence of the idea and the imagination
  • Character Description: if you can’t describe the idea in a Tweet how will anyone else?
  • Low Fidelity Comps/Keyframes: Visuals which detail the experience
  • PR Headline: What will the press say about this concept? Is it a first of any kind?
  • Spreadability: Tell a quick story of how this will find itself in front of someone that cares, why they share it, and what they do next 
  • The Objective: the cultural and business ambitions and measures that the brand hopes to accomplish through the campaign 
  • Core Strategy: the overall plan of attack
  • Measurement: how the campaign will be judged (KPIs) 
  • Phases: timing, tactics, and create rules to follow (e.g. tease, launch, sustain) 
  • Threshold Criteria: what triggers each phase (e.g. timing, availability, activity) 
  • Contingency Plans: thought-starters if core assumptions of the campaign belie prediction 
  • Partner Responsibilities: what each partner/agency is responsible for providing, when, and to whom
  • The Map: a visual overview of how content and brand properties will be connected throughout the campaign
  • The Hub: where we ultimately want consumers to find us and what we want them to accomplish while they’re there 
  • Paid Platforms: where the brand purchases impressions or interactions online 
  • Owned Platforms: digital beachheads that the brand has either built or co- opted and their relative traffic 
  • Earned Media: the current means, volume, sentiment, and substance of consumer brand mentions 
  • Node Health: visitation, update frequency, interaction levels, audiences, and interconnectivity 
  • Digital Target Behaviors: where ideal consumer targets spend their time online and what content they are already sharing with others 
  • Planned Content Patterns: what we’ll create, where it will live, and how we plan for it to be spread 

Our mission is to Use Data-Centered Strategies to Create User-Generated Experiences for business-centred results.
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