DIGITAL 2012 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

The Digital Report 2012 gives us many helpful data about the Vietnam population and the advertising industry in Vietnam. Let's take a look at the Digital Marketing Report 2012 in the detailed article below.

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The Digital Report 2012 released by WeAreSocial and Hootsuite gives marketers and businesses around the world a lot of data about the digital transformation in Vietnam. Let's take a look at the Digital Marketing Report 2012 in the detailed article below.



According to the latest update, up to October 2012, the total population of Vietnam has reached 91.5 million people, with an urban population rate accounting for 31% and rural population accounting for 69%. However, the number of internet users reached 30.86 million (a penetration rate of 34%), with an increase of 1.59 million compared to 2011. There are 8.525 million social users, with a penetration of 9%

Internet Use

In 2012, 33% of the total population in Vietnam used the internet, ranking the 18th largest in the world. 95% of the total population aged from 15 to 24 have access to the internet. 66% of internet users access the internet daily with an average of 26 hours per month.


81.1% of Vietnamese people own a desktop, 56% own a mobile device and 47% have a laptop. There are 2 activities people spend the most time daily including 95% using the Internet to visit online new sites, 90% watching online video.

E-commerce in Vietnam 2021

79% of Vietnamese internet users visit online retail sites. Including 61% make online purchases. The report also predicted that 89% of Vietnamese internet users intend to make online purchases in the next 6 months. 

Social Media Use

In 2012, Vietnam had 8.525.000 social media users all over the country, with an increase of 1,723,000 users in this year. 86% of Vietnamese internet users visit social networking sites. 19% of Vietnamese use social networks daily. 79% of Vietnamese social users' behaviors have liked or followed a brand, and 81% of them inform purchase decisions. And that’s significantly higher than the Asian regional average of 60%. 


In October 2012, Facebook overtook Zing to become Vietnam’s top social network with 8.5 million Facebook users, higher than Zing with 8.2 million users.


Vietnam is Facebook’s fastest-growing country, with a growth rate of 146% in the past 6 months. 28% of Vietnamese netizens have a Facebook account, and every 3 seconds there is a new Vietnamese Facebook user.


Following Facebook is Zing with 6.8 visitors per month. 27% of the total population has a Zing account and 77% of Zing users are under 25 years old. Besides, some highlight social media platforms including Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest. 24% of Vietnamese people have a Youtube account. 9% of Vietnamese netizens have used Twitter in the past month. Unique visitors to Pinterest from Vietnam in the first quarter were 45000 visitors.

Mobile Use


35% of the total population access social media via mobile phone. The total mobile phone connections in Vietnam reached 127,318,045, which declined by 2% this year. 


With the increasing use of mobile devices, 2,100,000,000 adverts are served to mobile devices in Vietnam every month, including more than 805 adverts every second. 


At this time, 93% of mobile adverts in Vietnam are delivered to feature phones. The top main share of mobile ads impression devices includes 59% Nokia, 22% Samsung, 5% LG 3%. There are 19,000,000 internet users accessing via mobile, accounting for 62% of the total internet users in 2012. 


Vietnamese e-commerce in 2012 has not shown any signs of development with the rate of internet users making online purchases is low. Just 32% of Vietnam's netizens would make online purchases via their phone. 

All of the above data show the potential of business activities on digital platforms. The Internet has really become the bridge that connects brands and their customers in the digital world. To be successful in marketing and business activities, preparation for digital transformation is necessary. Download Digital Report 2012 in Vietnam with the link above.