DIGITAL 2014 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

Digital Report in Vietnam in 2014 provides an overview of digital in Vietnam with in-depth analytics about internet users, mobile connections, and social media users' activities. Take a look at the article below for more detailed information.

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Digital Report in Vietnam in 2014 provides an overview of digital in Vietnam with in-depth analytics about internet users, mobile connections, and social media users' activities. Through the report, both marketers and business owners can find the best solutions to optimize their marketing campaign efficiency.


We are Social has just released a digital report in 2014, Vietnam has made significant moves in bringing the Internet and digital content to users, especially through mobile connections. In addition, the digital report also shows that Vietnam is one of the countries with the longest average use of social networking sites in the region as well as in the world. One more remarkable piece of information is that nearly 60% of users make payments via phone. Now, let’s explore what happened in the digital world in Vietnam in 2014 right below.


According to the report, Vietnam's population was more than 92 million people up to Jan 2014, with an urban population accounting for 31% of the total population (about 27 million people), and the rural population accounting for 69% (about 56 million people)

Besides, Vietnam is considered a developing country with the number of Internet users reaching 36.14 million users, accounting for 39% of the total 92 million people, social networking sites like Facebook also attracted 22% of the total population with 20 million users, the number of active mobile subscribers also reached 134 million subscribers, with penetration 145% of the total population.

Internet Use


Vietnam has a rapidly growing number of people using the internet and digital devices, especially social networks and mobile devices. On average, Vietnamese social users spend 1 hour and 37 minutes using the internet daily through their desktop or laptop, and 1 hour 43 minutes using the internet via their mobile devices. The internet users accessing the internet via mobile account for 34% of the total population in Jan 2014. 

The rate of using the internet by mobile accounts for 34% of the population, along with the amount of time accessing the internet by mobile every day, helping to optimize digital marketing on mobile devices through applications, integrating mobile advertising, will bring many benefits, improve marketing efficiency and target the right customers.

Social Media Use


The percentage of social media users accounts for 38% of the population, with the average time using social networks being about 2 hours and 23 minutes, making social marketing become an indispensable tool for branding and effective implementation of marketing campaigns. 


Vietnamese people use social networks more than before. There is a big difference when Facebook is still the most commonly used social network today compared to other social networks, such as Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Facebook marketing is one of the most prominent social marketing tools at this time, from advertising, building community, increasing interaction with users to brand positioning.

Mobile Use


Looking at the Vietnam mobile stats, we can easily see that the rate of prepaid subscribers is 89% while the rate of postpaid is only 11%, and 3G connection accounts for only 16% of the total population.


The rate of smartphone usage is increasing, accounting for 20% of the population. Most smartphone users in Vietnam use smartphones to search for information, products, make purchases, and online payments. This means that digital marketing on smartphones is easier and more convenient, and it will be highly effective if many applications are integrated.


The Digital Report 2014 is a useful data source not only for businesses but also supports marketers in building effective marketing strategies. Please contact us if you need more useful information about Digital Report in Vietnam. We will update the latest information in our next articles. Download detailed Digital 2014: Vietnam at the link above.