DIGITAL 2011 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

Digital Report in Vietnam in 2011 brings useful information about how internet integration can affect the Vietnamese netizen. Let's explore what digital marketing looks like in Vietnam in 2011 in the article below.

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Digital Report in Vietnam in 2011 released by We Are Social and Hootsuite brings useful information about how internet integration can affect the Vietnamese netizen. Besides, the Digital Report brings us an overview of mobile and social media users around the country. Let's explore what digital marketing looks like in Vietnam in 2011 in the article below.



In 2011, the total population of Vietnam reached 85.85 million people, with an urban population accounting for 30% and 70% rural population. There are more than 29 million internet users at this time, with a penetration of 34% of the total population. Vietnam had 6.8 million active social media users in 2011, with low penetration of 11% of the total population. Besides, Vietnam's population reaches 85.85 million people, but there are 129.7 million mobile subscribers (100+% of the total population).


2 in 3 Vietnamese people use the web daily and spend an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes using the internet every week. 26% of Vietnamese have a habit of accessing the internet at coffee shops. Vietnam’s social users spend 2 hours 17 minutes on social sites every month. And 97% of Vietnamese internet users aged 15 to 24 use social media.

Social Network user numbers in Vietnam


Top social networks with the most users in Vietnam include Zing, Facebook, and Yume. The report revealed that on average, 6.8 million users are visiting the Zing network, 2.8 million users on Facebook equal to Yume visitors.

Facebook Demographics in Vietnam


The Facebook demographics in Vietnam shows mainly Facebook users are aged from 18 - 24 years old, accounting for 56% of the total Facebook users, 25% aged from 25-34, 13% aged from 13-17, and 4% aged from 35-44, and 1% aged from 45-54. Vietnamese people above 55 years old do not use social media at this time.

Top Facebook pages in Vietnam


In the data table above, we can find the top Facebook pages that received the most concern from Facebook users. Including mua chung (group buys), nhóm mua (group buys), nhómmua Hà Nội (group buys Hanoi), KFC Vietnam, Linksys Vietnam, (let's buy together), HTC Vietnam, Converse Vietnam, ACER Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines. Most of the Facebook Pages that attracted social media users in Vietnam are related to online shopping and electronics, phone, and airline brands.


The behavior of interest in online shopping does not stop at the topics of interest on Facebook but is also evident in the number of people visiting online shopping sites. Specifically, there are 30 million people in Vietnam who visit online auctions or shopping sites monthly. Some other internet users' activities at this time include: listening to music accounting for 78% of the total internet users, 60% of them downloaded music. 


In the total of more than 29 million internet users, 40% of people access the internet via mobile devices. 


The Digital Report in Vietnam in 2011 quickly closes with basic indicators of mobile users accessing the internet but does not show specific trends as well as what internet users really concern about when accessing the network via their mobile devices. It can be seen that the first report version of WeAreSocial is dropping so many important topics in Digital in Vietnam. But don't worry, if your business needs digital consulting support in Vietnam, please contact us for more information.