When should you hire a marketing agency?

Hiring a marketing agency isn’t right for every company, especially for startups who don’t have a lot of budgets. But an online digital marketing agency...

When should you hire a marketing agency?

In a few cases, hiring a marketing agency isn’t right for every company, especially for startups who don’t have a lot of budgets. But an online digital marketing agency can be a great way to help build your business's online profile as well as connect you with influencers and bloggers, and help you execute creative campaigns. This post will help you to know when you should hire a digital marketing agency.

1. Here’s when to hire a marketing agency

If you’re looking to hire a marketing agency, you want to make sure you’re sizing the marketing professional up correctly so you’re putting your business in good hands. 

1.1. When you need a really varied skillset


Doing online marketing isn't stop at organizing events, managing the social media channels, running the PR program. But of course, everything else that comes with your online marketing such as customer service online, admin work, etc. And they're things you couldn’t handle, specifically any design or website development needs. If you want your website to have a good ranking on Google Search Engine, you need to improve SEO by content and techniques. Then you need to find someone who can write well, do your PR, and handle your graphic design. You’re probably not going to find that skill set in one person. 

In this case, a marketing agency is great because they typically have a skilled team. They're great with analytics, with a fantastic writer, and can create design assets professional.

1.2. When you don’t have the time to train and manage an internal team

When cooperating with a marketing agency, they will work for your business as an external marketing department. They don’t require much management on your part.

Hiring a digital marketing agency also means you'll inform about product releases, updates, events, and news, etc. You just meet them to go over analytics reports or to make clear about goals. Hiring an online digital marketing agency makes sense if you’d like to know you’re growing your online presence and creating great content, but you don’t want to spend a lot of your day managing the process.

1.3. The online marketing agency can help you see your marketing efforts quickly

Hiring a digital marketing agency is a great way to push up your marketing efforts without having to find, hire, and train a marketing department.

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Truly,  almost startups would be hiring an intern or staff before hiring a marketing agency. You should be hiring staff if:

1.4. When you don't need full-time staff but a Marketing Agency who can help you with your project

Generally, in the first stage of launching new products or projects, you just need help with some initial push, a few design assets, or a small outreach campaign. You don’t need a full-time person handling your marketing campaign. And hiring a digital marketing agency, in this case, can be a good solution for a project or campaign. It’s more flexible than bringing someone in full-time.

2. Rankings of Best Digital Marketing Agency in Vietnam

Good relationships are built on collaboration and understand. The key to finding a digital agency Vietnam or online marketing agency in Vietnam that matches your values listens to your goals and wants to collaborate with you creatively. 

If you’re looking to hire a digital agency Vietnam for your business, you can find a directory of certified marketing experts through our previous post-Best Digital Agency in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

3. Final words

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