Data Driven Approach – The best way to makes strategic decisions

The Data Management application allows you to configure, customise, and manage the tagging on your website, mobile site...

Data Driven Approach – The best way to makes strategic decisions
If you want to make a change for your business with “data driven” approach, so it means you need to make strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation.

A data driven approach helps you and your business examine and organize your data with the goal of better serving your customers and consumers. By using data to drive customers/users' actions, an organization can personalize their messaging to its prospects and customers for targeted customers approach.

1. What is Data-Driven?

Through Make Thunder  we have the most relevant definitions about Data-Driven Marketing:

Data driven marketing is the strategy of using customers' information for optimal and targeted media buying and creative messaging. It is one of the most transformational changes in digital advertising that has ever occurred.

Furthermore, you can find out the meaning of other Data Driven Framework position definitions below.

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2. Alternative concepts about "data driven”

2.1 Data Analytics

Data analytics (or data analysis) refers to data driven framework and quantitative techniques. And data driven marketing's processes used to enhance productivity and business gain. Data is extracted and categorized to identify and analyze behavioral data and patterns. And techniques vary according to which data driven organization requirements.

Data analytics is an approach involving the analysis of data (big data in particular) to draw conclusions.

2.2 Data Democratisation

Data democratization is the process that can bring the ability for information in a data-driven marketing digital format to be accessible to the average end user. This process can help non-specialists (internal or external users in data driven organization) to be able to gather and analyze data without requiring outside help.

In other words, we can say that Data democratization is driving self-service analytics.

The process of democratizing data means making data accessible to as many people as possible within a company (internal users in data driven business).

2.3. Data Manager

The Data Management application allows you to configure, customize, and manage the tagging on your website, mobile site...

The Data Manager is a management role, focused on ensuring the efficient and effective operation and usage of data. The role acts as an interface to other service delivery partner groups (e.g. Business Systems, Data Center). They're also ensuring effective integration of the Data Management process with other processes in order to meet service level requirements.

3. Final words

You can right away transform your data into action with our powerful and flexible digital analytics solution. From dashboards and cross-device analysis to data mining and exports, we always freeable to help you delivers the right information to the right people within your company.

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